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About Us

Mr Prick was created when a passionate cactus enthusiast realized how hard it was buy cacti in Australia. Seriously it’s terribly confusing!

All the businesses call the same plants different names with different care advice. Some don’t even know when it’s a succulent or a cactus, this had to change!

So in 2022 Mr Prick was launched as a market and online seller of cacti and succulents with a focus to make cactus and succulent buying as easy as possible for planties of all experience levels.

Based on the Central Coast, NSW but servicing all of Australia, we buy and sell cactus & succulents.

We source only the best quality plants, we promise to name them correctly and we guarantee all our plants. If you don’t love it, send it back!

Quite simply Mr Prick is a place for spiky plant lovers to buy with confidence as it’s a shop for the cacti people, made by cacti people.

Our Vision

To make buying cactus and succulents online easy and fast for plant lovers of all experience.

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