Growing Cactus Seeds- Advanced Tips & Tricks

Pachycereus Pringlei seedings at 3 months old. Cactus seeds germinated

Growing Cactus From Seeds Full In Depth Guide With Fixes For Common Problems After months of growing cactus from seeds with very mixed results, we decided to speak to some of Australia’s top cacti gurus to collect their best tips and tricks to share with the public. Commercial growers and hard-core cactus collectors often have […]

How To Grow Cactus From Seeds- Beginners Easy Guide

Cactus seedlings a few years old ready for sale

How To Grow Cactus Seeds Guide Step by step guide for beginners Growing cactus from seeds is not only very easy, it’s also incredibly rewarding to see an amazing cactus when it started out so tiny! In this guide we are going to show you all the basic steps, materials, environment, tips and tricks needed […]

Peruvian Apple Cactus Vs San Pedro (Differences Explained)

Peruvian Apple (Cereus Peruvianus syn repandus) in a cute pot cutting

Peruvian Apple Vs San Pedo 3 differences between them & easy ways to tell them apart Peruvian Apple Vs San Pedro The Basics The biggest difference between Peruvian Apple Cactus and San Pedro is the genus (family) of cactus that they come from. Peruvian Apple is from the Cereus genus, while San Pedro is from […]